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This week I have the honour of appearing on the cover of Tandem newspaper. It's not the first time the Toronto publication has featured my design work and this isn't the reason for writing this entry.

The fact they have published my work a few times is not important because it's my work. It's important because they feature design week after week and have been doing so since the 1990s. While other newspapers feature design periodically, Tandem has a steady design column. This dedication to the field shows a true commitment to design culture and this level of exposure does wonders for bringing its message to a larger audience.

The first line of the article is a quote from me: “I’ve always said everybody loves design – they just don’t know it."

Why do people not know it? Because they never get to see it. Society needs more newpapers like Tandem who can provide interesting commentary on design and on how design fits into everyday life.

Mark Curtis has written all but one of the articles featuring my work over the years. I always look forward to meeting up with Mark at the various Toronto design events throughout the year. His passion for design and his skills at communicating the different aspects of our work are a real asset to Tandem. It was a great pleasure to answer Mark's insightful questions over an iced latte at Dark Horse for the article. He always links design to people and this is so critical in bringing the benefits of design to society.

Thank you Mark and Tandem for the priviledge of appearing in your excellent publication and thank you even more for your continuing support and exposure of design.

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  1. Hi Davide,

    The article is great. Thanks for making us more
    aware. I now think about design a lot more. Perhaps it doesn't show in my chaotic, animal filled house. But you've made me more conscious of how good design enhances every aspect of our lives. Thanks for that.

    Take care,