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One of the highlights of the IIDEX Trade Fair in Toronto this past September was connecting with the people from Designer Pages. They had set up a base of plasma screens so they could broadcast from the show floor in real time through Twitter, capturing the action as it happened. This innovative approach to tradeshow reporting and their extensive web-based library of designer products from all over the world really impressed me.

So it was very cool when they asked me to curate a page of product selections for their site. Since we’re closing in on holiday time, I decided to write a piece entitled “Design for Down Time.” It features different objects that all fulfill one simple task — chilling out. So check out my collection and while you’re there, be sure to explore Designer Pages’ vast library of interesting furniture and architectural products. View my collection for Designer Pages.

Designer Pages is an online community and user-generated catalog that promotes an efficient way for designers to search, save and share information. The site is designed to help professionals streamline their workflow with enhanced browsing and saving capabilities. Their unique “Workspaces” function helps designers create virtual libraries for fast reference.

What is really compelling about this tool is it eliminates the need to stock manufacturers’ catalogues. Just think of how many fewer catalogues would need to be printed and shipped if we all just referenced objects from our online “Workspaces.” Cool indeed.

The sharing of information is becoming ever more crucial to all professions but particularly for designers who always want the latest product innovations at their fingertips. Online networking through blogs, social media and virtual archives help us keep abreast of what’s happening right now. It also promotes more dialogue between different design disciplines and gets us talking and debating more. Finally, in the era of Internet info sharing, people outside of the industry can get involved and get to know about design more easily.

If you are on Twitter, make sure to follow Designer Pages (@designerpages) or subscribe to their design blog 3rings. You can also visit Designer Pages’ site to learn more about them.

View my collection for Designer Pages.

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